OUR MISSION IS TO COMPLETE YOUR VISION  

                                                                      with all your residential needs from roofing, storm damage, remodeling , fencing and more...

Sergeants Home Improvements was founded by Don Meyer (aka. Sarge) a 17 yr Army Veteran. After leaving the Army, Staff Sergeant Meyer found it a bit difficult to find a job in the "civilian" world. At the same time trying to acclimate to the changes in life heading his way. Knowing he had to provide for his family and his desire to continue to serve his fellow Americans, Don choose to employ his skills as a carpenter. Through God, his family and perseverance, dedication and commitment to quality products and excellent service, Sergeants Home Improvements continues to make it's mark in the community by transforming your vision into reality! We've loved every minute of our journey, and look forward of making your vision our next mission.

SSG Meyer

Dedicated to serve you!